Xaudia offer microphone re-ribboning and repair services.


Ed Laurie with a Melodium 42b at Kore Studios

It is very gratifying to know that the mics we service and repair go out and get used to make great recordings.

Of course it is not just the microphone - to make something special you also need good songwriting, a strong performance, and an engineer that knows what to do.
Here we have it all...

This beautiful song by Ed Laurie was recorded by George Apsion at Kore Studios.

George and Kore are good customers of ours, and we recently serviced a pair of Melodium 42bs and a little Cadenza microphone for them. The vocals on the video were recorded using one of the Melodiums, running through an Xaudia impedance matching transformer box. A Neumann U67 was used for the guitar amp, and a pair of AKG 414s as room mics, all into some vintage Neve preamps. I think it sounds stunning!

Ed has a new album out in January, and is currently out on the road.

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