Xaudia offer microphone re-ribboning and repair services.


Melodium 42B nuts and washers now in stock

We now have in stock some high quality brass thumb wheel nuts and mounting washers for Melodium 42B ribbon microphones.

Melodium 42B mounting set

These replica parts secure the yoke mount to the body of the microphone, and frequently go missing.

Meldoium 42B mounting washers

Please get in touch for more details and prices.

Melodium 42B thumb wheels


Inside a Beyer M130

Here is the motor from inside a Beyer M130 figure-8 microphone.

The mic has two ribbons, similar to the M160, and the metal spiral acts as a magnetic return path.


Reslo Beebs in action with Layla Lane

Pop duo Layla Lane kindly shared their video of their cover of 'In My Life' by the Beatles, which which extensively used a Reslo RB microphone with Xaudia's 'Beeb' upgrades. 

The guitar, piano and all the vocals were recorded with the Beeb connected into an Ampex 350 preamp and Urei 1176 compressor. You can read more details about the recording at their youtube page.

Layla Lane are Heday Ikumo and Valerie Stern, who together have written music for Coca-Cola and Mello Yello commercials, recorded a song for the Ashton Kutcher film Killers, toured Japan, and produced/wrote songs for big Japanese artists such as Sunplaza Nakano-kun and Yoko Oginome.