Xaudia offer microphone re-ribboning and repair services.


Halloween? Hallowscream

For a change, I have spent most of October fitting speakers and providing the sounds for the Halloween events at York Maze close to our studio, and now it's all up and running - we had over 1000 people through the gate last night and are expecting even more this evening. The two haunted houses are excellent scary fun, and the creepy clown music will worm its way into your brain and keep you up all night.

A couple of people have asked for clips of the music from the haunted houses, and I'll try to post those up tomorrow.


Going slow

Blogging is going a little slowly this month. The xaudia macbook pro had a logic board failure two weeks ago, and is being repaired very slowly under warrantee. I've resorted to blogging from my ipod, which is somewhat tedious.

On another note, the York maze Hallowscream event starts tonight. Xaudia has installed the sound for the two haunted house attractions. Scary!



Microphone Re-ribboning Service

Xaudia is pleased to announce its re-ribboning service, to help get those treasured vintage microphones up and running again.

We have precision cutting and corrugating equipment based on the original methods used by RCA, to ensure the best possible replacement ribbon for your microphone.

Precision motorised ribbon corrugator and cutter.
The aim of the service is to provide microphone owners in the UK and Europe with an alternative to sending your microphone off to the USA for repair, and to give an economically viable service for less expensive microphones.

We offer a personalised service. Each microphone is examined on receipt, and before we start work we provide an estimate of what needs doing, how long it will take and how much it will cost.

Grundig microphone being restored

So if you have an old broken Reslo, Grampian, Tannoy or other microphone, then we can help.

For more information please contact us through out website.