Xaudia offer microphone re-ribboning and repair services.


If King Midas had a microphone...

…this would be it.

Good BBC-Marconi Type-A ribbon microphones are scarce, and perhaps one reason is that too many were decommissioned, mounted and given away as gifts or ornaments, for retirement, achievement and occasionally as trophies.

Here's a good example. This one was gold plated and became a trophy for the winner of the 'Radio One Production Saloon Car Championship', which ran in 1975 and 1976. They may look great on a mantlepiece, but they are even better in a studio!

Luckily in this instance the internal parts are present and in good condition, so it just needed a very thorough cleaning and new ribbon to become a working microphone once more.

As for gold plated microphones - the jury is still out. It would perhaps look great in a certain genre of pop video, but for my tastes, the classic bronze finish has more class and style.


Melodium 42B Yokes

Xaudia has commissioned a small number of replica yokes for Melodium 42B ribbon microphones.

Melodium 42B with new brass yoke

These are cast from solid brass, using the original 42B yoke as the template. If your Melodium has a cracked or missing yoke, then you need one of these!

Melodium 42B yoke