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Stereophonic Star Girl!: Katy Bødtger with her BM3.

Here is an advertisement for B&O equipment, including the BM3 ribbon microphone, which appeared in the Danish publication Se og Hør (See and Hear), 11 December 1959.

Photo captions
(Main photo) 
Katy Bødtger with her B&O microphone which is engraved with her name.

(Top photo)
Using a B&O stereo gramophone with the new stereo pickup and stereo speakers, Katy Bødtger -the first national stereophonic singing star- listens to the results (of her recording session) from London.

(Right Photo)
Even when Katy Bødtger's busy life calls for a visit to the hairdresser to style her frisky locks before the evening's performance, her indispensable B&O Beolit all-transistor reciever is always nearby.

The sweet and fresh Katy Bødtger, who provided the vocals for the new B&O stereophonic test record, has sung her way to success in only 2 years

Many thanks to Ben Cahill for sending this in and for the translation from Danish.


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