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Our New Coil Winder - Meteor ME307

The 'new'* Meteor ME307 coil winder has just arrived at the Xaudia workshop, after a 500 mile round trip to collect it...

We are very excited about this as it will expand our repair abilities and let us rebuild and rewind broken microphone transformers and guitar pickups. It has a counter to set the number of turns, foot actuated motor control, and of course the all important set of tensioners to allow the wire to be spooled at the correct tension.

The coil winder was probably built sometime in the 80's and is built like a tank, with some beautiful Swiss engineering inside. Everything needed a little lubrication and a good clean and, although the machine has clearly seen some years of use, everything is still working perfectly.

ME307 internal gears and drive train.

We hope to be doing our first windings later this week...

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