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Japanese Auction Poetry

Unintended poetry, via translation of a Japanese auction.

It is a rare thing. It is a microphone,
I kept it as collection with a thing handed over before,
The movement had sound then.

But the measurement performance in the new thing is unidentified,
Because I do not make the measurement whether you appear,
Attached to the measurement data of 43 years and 44 years.

The one that has, thanking you in advance,
The one that I want even as for such thing, thanking you in advance,
Because there are a wound and a scratch.

Please understand used goods and ask after above contents,
Understanding in clay,
I do the question as far as I understand it, but answer.

It is communication after the end, but contacts the first on the next morning,
Sorry by a private affair, but thanking you in advance,
Of the one that I am very sorry, but new one and evaluation remarkably have worse.

I will delete, although being really selfish,
In addition, if communication seem to be three days late, please let me know,
I cancel it and I do it.

It is measured for there to be many successful bids of the one,
Where I cannot totally accept communication recently,
Be heated, and there is not it with the state of things really anymore.

But please understand it, and that which I never want,
Please let me know because I do not mind a question and a business,
In addition, please let me know when communication becomes slow.

I am really selfish, but approve it.

Unintentionally written by Coldbreak9, 2011

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