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Sounds from the halloween maze

The big 'Hallowscream' event at York Maze is now over for the year, and the guys and girls are now hurridly getting ready for Guy Fawkes night. It's a quick turn around so good luck!

Several people asked to hear the sounds that we 'created' for the two Halloween haunted houses. I took most of the sounds from the Freesound Project, which is a very handy searchable library of sounds, most of which are available through the Creative Commons license scheme. Other sounds used were my own creations.

The creepy clown theme for the 'CarnEvil' haunted house was based on a loop from The Midnight Syndicate, who specialise in music for haunted house and similar attractions. Some of their tracks were also used for background music in the theatre area.

I'll leave these tracks up for a week or so, so grab them quickly. Enjoy!

Carnevil Haunted House

Boiler Room


Toilet Lobby
(A mash-up of Beethoven, Mozart, and some C&W in the background!)

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