Xaudia offer microphone re-ribboning and repair services.


Brexit is coming.... FAQ

Dear lovely friends and customers.

Many of you are worried about Brexit - I am too! I thought I would write something here for all to see.

The first thing is.. Please do NOT send any microphones before January. 

Here is why...

If you send the microphone now, it will come here under free trade. However, that means that it won't have any import documentation with it. After Brexit it will be stuck here without a passport!

When I send it back then we will not be able to prove it is a returned repair. So you will probably have to pay import tax of some kind.

After January, you will need to fill in a declaration form when you send your microphone to the UK. I will then use the same declaration when I return the microphone. 

This makes everything a lot easier when it goes through customs because it will be clear that this is a returned repair

So it is actually safer now to send repairs after January 1st. 

(If your microphone is already here, and has a repair number that starts with the number 20-, then it should be done and returned before the end of 2020... most likely before Christmas).

Thank you for your help and understanding.