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Rogue Cadenzas

I have come across a couple of Cadenza ribbon microphones recently that are not what they seem.

The microphones came from different sources, but both had been modified in the same way. The mods were performed long enough ago that the foam had started to disintegrate.

In both cases the ribbon element has been replaced by a dynamic element. and the mic stuffed with pink foam. Both mics are painted black with a silver top, and in both cases the stand adapter is fixed to the microphone rather than being removable.

Rogue Cadenza with dynamic element

There are clearly a few of these floating around. The stand modification looks well done, and I suppose it is just about possible that this was done at the factory, perhaps as a budget alternative to the ribbon mics, although I have not seen any documents to support that.

So, look out when buying old microphones - what you see is not always what you get.
Caveat Emptor!


  1. Hello Stewart.. looks like mine !! I have not tested it since i received.. Sure it sound fine..
    Cheers. José

  2. I actually found that one on ebay, and it was exactly the same as yours, before we fixed it. So someone has been altering several of these.


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