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Marvin the Meteor

We have just installed a second Meteor ME307 coil winder at Xaudia, for rewinding ribbon mic transformers, pickups and making new parts.

Meteor ME307 coil winder
Meteor ME307 with electronic controller

In fact we have were recently given a pair of used machines, and combined the best parts to make one good one. We call this one Marvin, because of his striking resemblance to the robot of that name.

Marvin the paranoid android from the original TV series of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Marvin the Meteor coil winder

Marvin even has a brain, although perhaps not the size of a planet. It has more sophisticated controller than our existing Meteor winder, which just has manual controls and a foot pedal. The newer model has preset adjustable ramp, speed, idle, and also a reverse wind setting, which is very handy and removes much of the human element from the winding. Let's hope he isn't bad tempered like his namesake !

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