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Possibly the worst thing I have ever bought....

I don't often feel the urge to blog about kitchen implements. In fact I don't EVER feel the urge to blog about kitchen implements. But this is the Kenwood Wizzard (with two zeds) hand blender...

...and it is the biggest pile of crap I have ever bought!

The problem is the design.

Those four holes should suck the sauce in towards the blade. Instead they push hot tomato sauce up and out into the kitchen. Here is the result...

This is not a one off event - it happens every time. Perhaps I should pour the sauce into a tall narrow container before blending, but that is not the point of a hand blender.  I bought this to replace my trusty Braun, which lasted 15 years and never did this. It did not have holes in the sides of the blender and it did not cover the kitchen in sauce.

Some advice for Kenwood, and other budding designers of hand blenders:

1. Test your stuff before selling it.
2. If you don't understand fluid mechanics, don't try to be clever.
3. Wizard has only one zed.
4. Test your stuff before selling it. Again.

Wizard??? I don't think I'm really allowed to call this the 'Kenwood Retard', but if I was, I would.

/ Rant

Update 31 March 2013
Dee Jakobsen made the suggestion that the blender might be reverse wired, or the propellor fitted in reverse. This seems entirely plausible, although the unit is sealed and not designed for DIY modding. ;) I did try bending the propellers so that they point they point in the other direction, but without improvement.

Update June 2013
I put this in the bin and bought a new Braun instead. Happy now!

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