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Falling Spikes!

Today was spent recording three tracks with The Falling Spikes, a seven piece newgaze outfit, with hints of Mogwai, the Beta Band and Spiritualised.

Falling Spikes - Corbett, Moz, Alex, green lizard, orange robot, Ray

The Falling Spikes are Corbett (bass), Moz, (keyboards), Alex (guitars & vocals), Ray (drums), Mikey (guitars), Maria (percussion and vocals), and Chris (percussion and vocals). With Stew and James pushing the buttons, and Andy joining us in the post-meridiem, we had a record ten souls in the Xaudia studio.

... Ray, lots of guitars, Mikey, Maria, Chris

The mic lineup included lots of ribbons - we used a Melodium 42b on keyboards, RCA 44 on guitars, and the Cowley and Tripp 'Naked Eye' Roswellites on both snare and Alex's guitar. The room mic is a Josephson C720, set up for stereo. The Melodium came out again for the main vocals, and running it through the Altec vari-mu compressor gave a smooth rich tone that works well with the reverb bath that is beginning to take shape.

Mixing takes place next week - all is good!

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