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Updated 31 Jan 2013

Microphones are the window of the soul! You can't have too many microphones (or shoes). 

OK, so we get a little bit obsessed by microphones, but they are the vital point in the signal chain where the acoustic-mechanical energy of the sound waves is converted into an electrical signal. Choosing the right microphone for the job makes a huge difference between a dull lifeless recording which needs a lot of EQ and processing, and an exciting dynamic sound which sits together easily when mixing. As you might expect, we have an excellent selection of microphones for every application, and these currently include...

Valve Condenser Microphones

AKG C28a vintage tube mic with CK28 capsule
Big Al - Unknown vintage bottle mic
Lomo 19a9 (Soviet valve mic) 
Neumann Gefell UM57 (x2)
Neumann Gefell CMV551 with M55k and UM71 capsules
Gefell MV582. with M62 cardioid capsule
Recard (Old French valve mic, 1960s) 
Reissmann MR50 (x2) & MR51 (x2) valve mics
Teladi K120 tube mics (pair) & K43 bottle mic
Tesla tube microphone
Thiele M5 multi pattern tube mic
Thiele M4 (three!) - rebuilt & serviced 
Syncron Fairchild AU7A (tube modified)
Wetzel German tube mic, 1950s
Xaudia U47 clone with Thiersch M7 capsule and EF12k tube
Unknown West German tube mic - nice!

FET Condenser Microphones

AKG C451 with CK1 capsule (x2)
AKG C422 (stereo C414)
AKG C418 (x2) & C518 clip mics for drums
BLUE Dragonfly & Omni Mouse 
FiCord 1200 
Josephson C720 dual diaphragm condenser - excellent!
Microtech Gefell M691 with UM70 multi-pattern capsule 
Milab DC96b
MXL 603s
Oktava MK18, MK219
Neumann TLM49
Neumann KM74i & KM75i (x2)
Rode NT3 (x2)
Shure Beta 91 (boundary mic for kick drum) 
Sony C38 & C48 (versatile multi-pattern mics)
Syncron Fairchild AU7A

Ribbon Microphones 

Aiwa VM12, VM13, VM15 (x2), VM17 & VM17S
Altec 670A
Amperite RA
Beyerdynamic M260
Bang and Olufsen BM2 & BM3
Bruno Velotron (not quite a ribbon!)
Cadenza ribbon mics.
Crowley & Tripp Naked Eye Roswellite (x2) - indestructible ribbons!
Doremi MN351 - Italian ribbon mic
ElectroVoice V1, V2, V2A & V3 Velocity ribbon mics
Film Industries M8
Framez ribbon mic
GEC 2370 and 2373 ribbon mics
Grampian GR2 M600 (x2)
LEM ribbon - very French, very old!
Lustraphone VR53 & VR64
Magneti Marelli, Italian licensed RCA 74b copy.
Matsushita CE-501 ribbon / dynamic
Meazzi ribbon mic
Melodium 42B - huge French RCA 44 style mic (x2)
Melodium RM6
Oktava ML11, ML16, ML17, ML19 & ML52
Philips velocity ribbon mic - very rare!
Philips 9559 giant bronze microphone
Reslo RB x 4
RCA PB90 (aka RCA 44A)
RCA KU3a cardioid ribbon
SAMAR Audio Design MF65
ST&C 4033 & 4038
Tannoy ribbon mics x 2
Toshiba ribbon microphones x 3, Types B, C, F, G & K 
Unknown Australian RCA 44 copy
Velocibel 36A
Zephyr 30RA

Dynamic Microphones 

AKG D202 rocket mic
ElectroVoice RE20 (x2) & PL20 (classic for kick, bass, horns, vocals)
Electrovoice RE320
ElectroVoice 642 cardioline / shotgun mics. (x2)
Geloso Piezo mic (x2)
Lomo 82A5M 
Milab D37
Shure SM57, SM58, 57 beta, 58 beta (several)
Sony FV300 (killer guitar amp mic)
Assorted old dynamics by GEC, Grampian, Lustraphone etc. Good for crunchy low fi.

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