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The Savoy Ballroom - Knitters Curse Video

It seems like a good week for videos!

Here is a rather charming stop-motion animation from The Savoy Ballroom, to accompany their track 'The Knitters Curse', a song about the perils of giving knitted goods to one's boyfriend.* The video was created by Death Penguin Productions.

We recorded the song at Xaudia some time ago, and the band will be back this summer for more fun.

For those interested in these things, we wanted a very vintage vibe to the recordings so pulled out lots of old microphones. The lead vocals were recorded on a Melodium 42B ribbon mic through a modified Altec 438C, and backing vocals were done on the Melodium, a Toshiba ribbon, and an Oktava ML11m. The drums were recorded with a pair of Aiwa VM15s as overheads, and of course a handful of Electrovoice RE20s.

(*In short... don't!)