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The Syndicate

Yesterday I once again had the pleasure of recording The Syndicate, a three-man indie/rock band who came out of the York scene a couple of years ago, but who are currently living and working in Manchester, trying to push the band onwards in a bigger scene.

But it sounds like a bigger pond means bigger sharks. Singer & bassist Barny told me some horror stories about a band being charged £2000 to record one song in a studio, and they didn't even like the result! For contrast, we set up the drums on Saturday night, then tracked three songs with the band playing together 'live', then recorded the vocals, and a bit of mixing, in a single day. The tracks sound raw, and that's how they like it.

The vocals were tracked on a Josephson C720, through API preamps, Fatso compressor plus a little digital compression and 'plate' reverb.

Three hours later, the band had the tracks up on myspace!