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Fraudulent vintage mic listings on ebay

Things like this keep cropping up in vintage microphone auctions on ebay, often for Neumann U47 or U67 microphones. This one was embedded in an auction for a vintage AKG C12, which would normally be worth at least five times that value. There are a few dodgy things about this auction. Most obviously, it's asking for a deal away from the ebay system, which circumnavigates fees, but also the buyer protection that ebay provides. Also, this one was a US auction, but the request is for Australian dollars.

These are almost always hacked accounts. I'm not sure if they are an attempt to con you into parting with your hard earned cash, or simply to get your email for spam lists,. Either way, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If you see them, please use the 'report item' button. Also, the wording is usually embedded in a jpeg, so the ebay bots don't see it straight away, which is why it's doubly important for us to be vigilant.