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Xaudia Studio equipment

Xaudia studio equipment list - Updated 31 Jan 2013

Digidesign 003 and Apple i5 workstation, 96KHz, 24 bit.
18 tracks simultaneous recording, >72 track playback.
Monitors by PMC, Acoustic Energy and Soundcraft.
Yamaha OV2 digital desk
Latest Protools and Logic
Antares Autotune, T-Racks, Amplitube, iZotope Ozone mastering, etc.

Altec 438C mic pre & vari-mu compressor.
And an Xaudia Altec 438 clone - Excellent all-valve vocal channel.
AKG BX20 1970s giant spring reverb
Ampeg SVT-II bass rig
API A2D - superb twin preamps & analogue-to-digital converters. The studio workhorse!
AIKIDO stereo tube preamps
Audient ASP008 mic preamps
Beyerdynamic headphones - several - DT250, DT770, DT100 etc.
Empirical labs EL7 Fatso Jr - compressor / saturator.
Eventide Omnipressor (Blackface)
Expat Audio Eden preamps
Guitars by Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Grimshaw, Duesenberg, Levin, Reverend, Framus, and others.
Gyraf G9 stereo tube mic preamp
Little Labs LMNOPre mic preamp with variable phase control
Moogerfooger synth pedals - ring modulator, phaser and Murf
Nord modular synth & iMac editing station
Orban 424 Stereo compressor (VCA)
RFZ / Deutsche Post preamps, pair.
Roland SE555 Space Echo tape delay / chorus / reverb
Roland SH101 classic synth
Roland JC120 jazz chorus amplifier
Synths and Keyboards by Korg, Nord, Elka and Techniks
Techniks big Hammond style organ!
TC Electronics G System
TC Helicon Voice tone
Vintage valve preamps by Ferrograph, Grundig & Grampian
1176 FET Compressor
Ward Beck Systems M480 preamps, pair.
XAUDIA SSL mix bus compressor (VCA)